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When you think of Africa, the first images that come to mind are wildlife. And this is one of the highlights of an African holiday - in Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana and South Africa. But there is so much more - from the ancient wonders of Egypt and its vibrant culture, to the old Indian Ocean trading post of Zanzibar; from the crystal blue waters off Pmemba and Mozambique with some of the world's best diving to the fabulous landscapes and food of South Africa. Take your pick!


While parts of the Middle East are troubled, little gems of prosperity and beauty exist. Live life in Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Or discover the timeless rituals and rural history of the Arabian desert in Oman.



Africa & Middle East

The wild beauty of South Africa is now more accessible and more safe than ever. There are extraordinary landscapes within easy reach of all the major cities. From stunning Cape Town, to some of the world’s most beautiful wine lands, the country feels more like Europe. But when you come face to face with big cats at the Kruger National Park, a wilderness the size of Goa - you know you are in untamed Africa.


Whatever be the holiday you want, South Africa is bound to please and leave a lasting impression on you.

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