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Short Breaks | 4 nights

Go snorkelling at Elephant Beach, just 40 min by boat from your resort. This beach offers snorkelers calm blue shallow waters and is the perfect spot for snorkellers of all skills. The boat goes right up to the beach and it’s so easy to slip on your gear and just start snorkelling. It’s also a great place to just spend the day lying on the beach and relaxing. The beach is very scenic with fallen trees and white sand giving the photographer some interesting shots. The reef here starts very close to shore at a depth of about 1m. The large reef is mostly made up of hard coral and has plenty of marine life.

Suggested Itinerary

Southern India

| Andaman Islands

Day 2: Transfer to  Havelock Island

Day 3: In Havelock Island

Spend the morning chilling-out at the resort. Explore the island’s villages and have lunch at a chic brasserie. In the afternoon, take the ferry back to Port Blair.

Day 4: Transfer to Port Blair

Places: Havelock Island; Port Blair  | Activities: Visit Ross Island & Anthropolgical Museum in Port Blair; harbour cruise to Viper Island; snorkelling at Elephant Beach.

Travel to the former island penal colony of the British Raj and see the remains of Port Blair’s hoary history. Explore the infamous Cellular Jail, where many of India’s revolutionaries and passive-action freedom fighters were incarcerated. Go on a harbour cruise to the isolated Viper Island, the former gallows. Imagine a not-so uncomfortable life for the British in the well-preserved ruins of Ross Island, former island capital. And step back several millennia, as you see the well-presented exhibits of the indigenous tribes of the Andaman Islands in the Anthropological Museum. Then see the real Andaman Islands, epitomized by the laid-back culture, stunning beaches, rich coral reefs, and virgin rainforest of Havelock Island.

Fly into Port Blair from Chennai or Kolkata. Transfer to your hotel. In the morning, visit Ross Island, the erstwhile British capital of the islands, that is about 2 km east of Port Blair and can be reached by a short boat ride from Phoenix Bay Jetty. Visit the abandoned ruins of the various buildings that over the last 70-years have seen ficus trees invade and entwine their walls and foundations, reminiscent of an Angkor-like vision. A lovely 1-hour walk around the island recreates the prosperity of the British settlement during the 19th & early 20th century.


In the afternoon, stop at the Anthropological Museum, which houses a superb collection of artefacts and presentation of the lifestyle and culture of the islands indigenous tribes. Then visit the Cellular Jail, built by the British to house famous Indian political prisoners in the early 20th century. In the evening go on a leisurely cruise in a steamer along the Port Blair Harbour to Viper Island, the colonial gallows of the islands.

Transfer to the pier for your morning ferry to Havelock. On arrival, transfer to your boutique retreat on Beach No. 7.

Day 1: Arrive into Port Blair



Solos & Couples | Visit August - May | Fly to Port Blair

Nature & Heritage Holiday

All Andaman offers are available on pro-rata basis.

Transfer to the airport and fly home.

Day 5: Fly home

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