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South East Asia

Explore the marvels of Cambodia, with a resounding beachside relaxation experience in the end. This  uncovers the country’s culture and historical artifacts through various outdoor activities

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Experience floating markets, rural villages, age-old traditions and spectacular river scenery on one of the world’s most fascinating rivers.

This tour has been designed to meet the requirements of both hobby and serious photographers who need flexibility and want to take shots at the best time of day from the best locations.


| Cambodia

Enjoy this relaxed and welcoming introduction to Siem Reap and be prepared to soak in the inspirational Angkor Temple complex.





In addition to the famous ruins of the Angkor dynasty, Cambodia is home to a wealth of exceptional off the beaten path locations.


A southern coastline flaunting stunning beaches, scenic cruises along the Mekong and voyages onto Asia’s largest freshwater lake, Tonle Sap, add several other dimensions to the Kampuchean experience. Visitors to Cambodia will experience a growing arts and craft scene and a nation proud of its Angkor Dynasty heritage. The French left a charming architectural legacy that the Khmer Rouge miraculously did not destroy and Cambodia has many beautiful natural spots as well as interesting cultural sites and sights, both religious and secular. Like most Southeast Asian people, the Cambodians are unassuming, modest and extremely welcoming and these attributes make them good hosts.

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