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North India has warm days (18-25 deg C), and dry, cold nights. Its very cold and crisp weather in the mountains. The East has slightly warmer days and cooler, drier nights (15-30 deg C). Its hotter in the South (30-40 deg C) and West (25-35 deg C) with the nights remaining cool and dry.

All India (except Ladakh, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh)


There is always somewhere exceptional to visit in India at any time of the year. And even when the weather is bad - there is always a good reason to go to a place during the low season. So when its raining in Kerala, Goa or the Andamans, its a great place to getaway for lush green landscapes and staying cooped indoors (especially for a romantic escape!), or even to indulge in Ayurveda. When its hot in the summer in Rajasthan, you can live your fantasy at one of many splendorous luxury palace hotels for half the price. And when its freezing cold in the winter, you can actually enjoy a white Christmas in India! So don't let the seasons really bog down the travel spirit in you.


Below is a rough guide to what we think are the best places to visit each month of the year. So if you want to demonstrate your weather-forecasting prowess to friends and family, or plan your holiday calendar ahead of time (yes we like that too!), then read further...


The weather is similar to January, except that the East of India starts to warm up a bit and daytime temperatures can vary from 20-30 deg C. Fog conditions lift in North India, so flights run on time. Prices drop at hotels from the January highs, so its cheaper to travel this month. Domestic tourists have also returned home.

All India (except Ladakh, Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh)



North India has warmer days (21-30 deg C), and dry, cool nights. Its cold and crisp clear weather in the mountains. The East has cool days in the hills (20-25 deg C) and cool nights. Its hotter in the plains of the South (30-40 deg C), warm and dry in the hills by day cool by night. The West has started to hot-up, but Goa is still doable.

All India (except Ladakh, Inland Maharashtra, Goa and Gujuart)



The weather in North India is more or less similar to March. In the East, summer has set in with a bang and temperatures climb to between 35-40 deg C. In the foothills, the days are warm and clear (20-25 deg C) and cool in the nights. Its hot and humid in the South coastal plains (35-42 deg C) while the hills stay cool and dry.

All India (except Ladakh, Gujuart, Goa, Maharashtra & Andhra )



Run for the hills! Hottest days in North India (40-50 deg C) plains; clear and warm in foothills. Very hot in Gangetic and Brahmaputra plains (35-45 deg C) and pleasant in the hills (20-30 deg C). Conditions in Southern India are similar to the East.

The Hills & Mountains. Anywhere in India



The weather is still tolerable in the hills (wherever they may be!) at 20-30 deg C. The rains begin in the major river plains in end-June and temps vary from 25-45 deg C. The nights are dry and cool in the Himalayas and North East hills. In the South, the monsoon has set in on the West Coast, while the East Coast stays relatively dry.

North & East Himalayas. North East & Karnataka



Temperatures in North India have dropped (18-25 deg C), but its wet across the region except for Ladakh, Spiti and the northern reaches of Uttaranchal where the weather is dry. Its completely soaked in Eastern India, and in the South & West, its wet and humid too! Some parts of the Deccan receive the trailing end of the rains.

Ladakh, Northern Himalayas, Karnataka, North Tamilnadu



Ladakh is at its best. Its slightly drier in Rajasthan and the cooler temperatures make it easier to travel. Its completely soaked in Eastern India. In the South, its wet in the hills and on the Malabar and Konkan Coast, but on the Deccan Plateau, its cooler and and drier - a good time to travel in these cloudy (but not wet) condition

Ladakh, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Tamilnadu



Warm days & cool nights in North India (18-25 deg C). The Plains of North India have cooled down. Ladakh's last good month. West Bengal & Orissa have cleared up. In the South & West, it can be a bit wet in the hills but its a superb time to visit the coast and interiors - lush green from the rains! Prices go up in October, so travel now!

Golden Triangle, Rajasthan, Ladakh, South & West India



Its much warmer in North India as the effects of the monsoon wane and before winter sets in (30-40 deg C). So anywhere is good to go. Ladakh has shut down for the season. Eastern India is marvellous - the best time to go! In the South, the North East monsoon has set in on the Eastern Coromandel Coast. The West is perfect!

Anywhere in India except Ladakh and Tamilnadu



Winter has set in the Himalayan foothills and its getting cold, so most places are out of bounds. The East has fantastic conditions - whether the coast, river valleys, deltas, or the Eastern Himalayan foothills. In the South, Tamilnadu experiences hurricanes and its warm (30-40 deg C). The West has great temps (25-35 deg C).

Anywhere in India except Northern Himalayas & Tamilnadu



The North has good daytime conditions (18-25 deg C). On the peninsular coastlines across India, its warm days and dry cool nights with temperatures ranging from 25-35 deg C. Towards the end of December, its holiday season, so everything gets booked up early and its also very expensive.

The Plains and Coasts except the Hills & Tamilnadu


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