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The Indian Ocean comprises a number of small island nations, each promising you unique holiday experiences. Close to India are the Maldives, a series of coral atolls with tiny islands fringed by coral reef and lagoon. Each island is a luxury resort, so a holiday here is all about pampering, good food, and fabulous snorkelling and diving. In the Southern Indian Ocean are the islands of Mauritius and Reunion, the former once a British colony, and the latter still an overseas territory of France. Both countries offer more than just the ocean - mist covered mountains, high adventure, Creole culture and cuisine, and an opportunity to meet local communities. Other off-beat destinations include Seychelles and Madagascar.



Indian Ocean

The Maldive Islands are at once the most beautiful and most fragile nations on earth. With an average elevation of one and half metres, this is one destination, where you can leave your climbing boots behind and let the sand slip between your toes! There are 1190 islands with over 100 resorts - so much choice, that you need to find the best resort that suits your needs.


Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, a child-friendly resort, or a dive vacation. With years of personal visits to the Maldives and many delighted customers, Milesworth is your insider to the Maldives.

The Maldive Islands

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Indian Ocean

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