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Map 4 - Indian Sub-Continent


The Indian Sub-Continent is a wonderfully diverse region, dominated by that magical land - India. However, little gems abound. In close proximity, are the Himalayan kingdoms of Nepal and Bhutan - one that is slowly re-emerging from years of unrest, while the other continues to open up its mysteries and beauty to the world slowly. Bangladesh is a country on the cross-roads - a vibrant population with an ancient past - where visitors are welcomed genuinely. Lastly, Sri Lanka is a  postcard for the tropics - think palms, rainforest and wildlife, azure oceans, and lots of lazy time!

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Indian Sub-Continent

More mini-continent that country, India's diversity of faith, language, people, cultures and landscapes will run riot through your senses. Silent but stunning edifices speak volumes of India's history, colourful cultures and communities display unparalleled creativity, breathtaking mountains, rivers, and oceans show India's bounty, and in the eyes of the magnificent tiger, you stare deep into the spiritual consciousness of this dramatic country.


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Indian Sub-Continent

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