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Combine the best monasteries of Leh and its surroundings with the surreal saltwater Pangong Lake.

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Remains of the Tethys

Itinerary | Long Breaks | 5 nights | Solos & Couples | Best May - September

Drive through the world’s highest pass and discover a surreal landscape in the unexplored Nubra Valley.

Hidden Valleys & High Passes

Trace the ancient Silk Route in Ladakh on the Shayok River into the Nubra Valley, a route almost unknown to the outside world.


Ancient Silk Routes - A River Adventure

High Himalayan peaks, oceanic lakes, stunning mountain passes, remote valleys and rugged monasteries – the classic Ladakh experience.

Little Tibet Classic

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Itinerary | Long Breaks | 6 nights | Solos & Couples | Visit 15th June - 15th September

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| Ladakh

The ideal Ladakh short-break focusing on Leh and the surrounding monasteries along the Indus River.

Monasteries of the Indus River Valley

Itinerary | Short Breaks | 4 night |  Solos & Couples | Best May - September




Ladakh meaning the “land of passes” is one of India’s most photogenic destinations, yet also, one that you hardly associate with the rest of the country. While all of India is soaked in the life-giving nourishment of the annual monsoon, up at 11,500 feet high in the far north Himalaya plateau, Ladakh is experiencing dry, sunny and mild weather – the perfect foil to a wet India sub-continent. While Ladakh is in all respects a part of Tibet, however, due to its remoteness and sheer inaccessibility have meant that it was to have a very different history to the rest of the high plateau, and has remained protected both culturally & militarily. Today it contains one of the most intact Tantric Buddhist societies left on earth.


Ladakh comprises of 45,000 square kilometres of high altitude desert that is dominated by rugged snow capped mountains, deep turquoise lakes, rugged cliff-hugging monasteries, and rushing rivers that feed into the mighty Indus. Along the river are tendrils of lush-green – orchards laden with fruit, and fields filled with golden barley.


For years, Ladakh was the purview of backpackers who made the road trip from the smoke-filled cafes of Manali over the high pass of Rohtang by bike or bus. Today, with good air connectivity to Delhi and better infrastructure on the ground, you too, can visit Ladakh, without roughing it out (unless you choose to!). A visit to Ladakh generally ranges from 6-10 days, and one in which you need to give yourself a day and a half to acclimatise to the rarified atmosphere. Once done, you and your camera can become inseparable


Off-the-beaten track experience to three unspoilt villages of Ladakh, done in simple, sophisticated style, and a strong commitment to local community.

Village Experience in Ladakh

Itinerary | Big Trips | 8 nights | Couples & Families | Visit 15th May - 15th Sep

Thisey Gompa on a clear day




A dramatic view of Pangong Lake The barley fields of Nubra Nubra River Camp site Enroute to Nubra Valley Bedroom at Nimoo Village

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