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Discovery Journeys

Long Breaks (5 to 7-nights): Take some time off from work and reward yourself (and perhaps your loved ones) - stay somewhere special, experience something new, take a yourself.


Beyond the Long Break (> 7-nights): Beyond the short break. School holidays. End of term. Between careers. Retired recently? In depth holidays that are fun experiences - see many places, absorb the sights, sounds, and smells of local destinations, their heritage, their wildlife, their nature. We give you suggestions, and based on your needs, we tailormake your holiday for you.

Singapore is the perfect weekend getaway if you are looking for an international urban break!

Quick weekend breaks for the first time traveller to India - wanting to get in its most iconic attraction - the Taj Mahal

Long Weekends (1-2 nights)

Quick recharges for the five-and-a-half day working warrior, a collection of interesting getaways, within striking distance of home by plane. Or perhaps, you believe that the journey is as much of the experience as the destination is - a selection of places accessible by overnight train. Ideal for solos, couples, or families looking for a break from the routine.

India | Long Weekends


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Golden Triangle: Just the Taj

Golden Triangle: Delhi-Agra Weekend

Singapore | Long Weekends


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Singapore Weekend

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Cambodia | Long Weekends

This Cambodia package tour provides you with three days of unforgettable site seeing experienes.


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Cambodia Weekend