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Known as “The Golden Land” because of her glittering pagodas, Myanmar is a country rich in cultural heritage and natural scenic landscapes with abundant tourist attractions. History enthusiasts can bask in ancient cities and archaeological museums. Nature lovers can discover the lure of Myanmar forests, wildlife sanctuaries and scenic spots. Beach lovers can relax and enjoy the call of the sea at pristine beaches. Adventure seekers can trek and scale of the challenging mountains to meet the hill tribes in their colorful ethnic costumes.


Dont miss a chance to visit this extraordinary land, scattered with gilded pagodas, where the traditional ways of Asia endure and areas previously off-limits opening up.



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From ancient cities, to dazzling Buddhist temples, unspoilt beaches and countrysides, explore Myanmar as it remains one of the most mysterious and undiscovered destinations in the world.

Shimmering with exquisiteness at every inch, the journey through Myanmar's mythical landscapes and ancient treasures is spellbinding. Be rest assured, Myanmar has a charm that grows on you.

Enjoy yourself as you cruise along the rivers by calling in the natural panoramic scenes, the ancient and historical destinations.

This program is brought to you for your interest in culture and nature. Explore Yangon – the garden city, Bagan – the richest archeological sights in Asia, and Inle – the tranquil lake of the leg rowers.

Enjoy this relaxing trip specially designed for families, combining the most beautiful attractions of Myanmar to highlight the country's exotic landscapes, rich culture and local hospitality.

Our culinary tour embarks on an in-depth introduction to Burmese cuisine and the various environments in which to enjoy it! Expore Burmese markets - a whirlwind of colours, smells, tastes – and smiles.

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